Module: utils.tokenutil

Token-related utilities

3 Functions


wrap generate_tokens to catch EOF errors

IPython.utils.tokenutil.line_at_cursor(cell, cursor_pos=0)

Return the line in a cell at a given cursor position

Used for calling line-based APIs that don’t support multi-line input, yet.

  • cell (str) – multiline block of text
  • cursor_pos (integer) – the cursor position

(line, offset) – The line with the current cursor, and the character offset of the start of the line.

Return type:

(text, integer)

IPython.utils.tokenutil.token_at_cursor(cell, cursor_pos=0)

Get the token at a given cursor

Used for introspection.

Function calls are prioritized, so the token for the callable will be returned if the cursor is anywhere inside the call.

  • cell (unicode) – A block of Python code
  • cursor_pos (int) – The location of the cursor in the block where the token should be found