Module: lib.latextools

Tools for handling LaTeX.

1 Class

class IPython.lib.latextools.LaTeXTool(**kwargs)

Bases: traitlets.config.configurable.SingletonConfigurable

An object to store configuration of the LaTeX tool.

6 Functions

IPython.lib.latextools.latex_to_png(s, encode=False, backend=None, wrap=False)

Render a LaTeX string to PNG.

  • s (str) – The raw string containing valid inline LaTeX.
  • encode (bool, optional) – Should the PNG data base64 encoded to make it JSON’able.
  • backend ({matplotlib, dvipng}) – Backend for producing PNG data.
  • wrap (bool) – If true, Automatically wrap s as a LaTeX equation.
  • is returned when the backend cannot be used. (None) –
IPython.lib.latextools.latex_to_png_mpl(s, wrap)
IPython.lib.latextools.latex_to_png_dvipng(s, wrap)

Invoke kpsewhich command with an argument filename.

IPython.lib.latextools.genelatex(body, wrap)

Generate LaTeX document for dvipng backend.

IPython.lib.latextools.latex_to_html(s, alt='image')

Render LaTeX to HTML with embedded PNG data using data URIs.

  • s (str) – The raw string containing valid inline LateX.
  • alt (str) – The alt text to use for the HTML.