Module: utils.dir2

A fancy version of Python’s builtin dir() function.

3 Functions

IPython.utils.dir2.safe_hasattr(obj, attr)

In recent versions of Python, hasattr() only catches AttributeError. This catches all errors.

IPython.utils.dir2.dir2(obj) → list of strings

Extended version of the Python builtin dir(), which does a few extra checks.

This version is guaranteed to return only a list of true strings, whereas dir() returns anything that objects inject into themselves, even if they are later not really valid for attribute access (many extension libraries have such bugs).

IPython.utils.dir2.get_real_method(obj, name)

Like getattr, but with a few extra sanity checks:

  • If obj is a class, ignore its methods
  • Check if obj is a proxy that claims to have all attributes
  • Catch attribute access failing with any exception
  • Check that the attribute is a callable object

Returns the method or None.