This documentation covers IPython versions 6.0 and higher. Beginning with version 6.0, IPython stopped supporting compatibility with Python versions lower than 3.3 including all versions of Python 2.7.

If you are looking for an IPython version compatible with Python 2.7, please use the IPython 5.x LTS release and refer to its documentation (LTS is the long term support release).

Module: terminal.interactiveshell

IPython terminal interface using prompt_toolkit

2 Classes

class IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.PtkHistoryAdapter(shell)

Bases: History

Prompt toolkit has it’s own way of handling history, Where it assumes it can Push/pull from history.


Add string to the history.


This should be a generator that yields str instances.

It should yield the most recent items first, because they are the most important. (The history can already be used, even when it’s only partially loaded.)

store_string(string: str) None

Store the string in persistent storage.

class IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.TerminalInteractiveShell(**kwargs: Any)

Bases: InteractiveShell

__init__(*args, **kwargs) None

Create a configurable given a config config.

  • config (Config) – If this is empty, default values are used. If config is a Config instance, it will be used to configure the instance.

  • parent (Configurable instance, optional) – The parent Configurable instance of this object.


Subclasses of Configurable must call the __init__() method of Configurable before doing anything else and using super():

class MyConfigurable(Configurable):
    def __init__(self, config=None):
        super(MyConfigurable, self).__init__(config=config)
        # Then any other code you need to finish initialization.

This ensures that instances will be configured properly.


Automatically add/delete closing bracket or quote when opening bracket or quote is entered/deleted. Brackets: (), [], {} Quotes: ‘’, “”


Overridden from the parent class to use fancy rewriting prompt


Autoformatter to reformat Terminal code. Can be 'black', 'yapf' or None


Specifies from which source automatic suggestions are provided. Can be set to 'NavigableAutoSuggestFromHistory' (up and down swap suggestions), 'AutoSuggestFromHistory', or None to disable automatic suggestions. Default is 'NavigableAutoSuggestFromHistory’.


Set to confirm when you try to exit IPython with an EOF (Control-D in Unix, Control-Z/Enter in Windows). By typing ‘exit’ or ‘quit’, you can force a direct exit without any confirmation.

property debugger_cls

Version of debugger where KeyboardInterrupt exits the debugger altogether.


File in which to store and read history


Options for displaying tab completions, ‘column’, ‘multicolumn’, and ‘readlinelike’. These options are for prompt_toolkit, see prompt_toolkit documentation for more information.


Shortcut style to use at the prompt. ‘vi’ or ‘emacs’.


Set the editor used by IPython (default to $EDITOR/vi/notepad).


Add shortcuts from ‘emacs’ insert mode to ‘vi’ insert mode.

Allows to enable/disable the prompt toolkit history search


Enable vi (v) or Emacs (C-X C-E) shortcuts to open an external editor. This is in addition to the F2 binding, which is always enabled.


Provide an alternative handler to be called when the user presses Return. This is an advanced option intended for debugging, which may be changed or removed in later releases.


Highlight matching brackets.


The name or class of a Pygments style to use for syntax highlighting. To see available styles, run pygmentize -L styles.


Override highlighting format for specific tokens


beam in vi insert mode, block in nav mode, underscore in replace mode.


Cursor shape changes depending on vi mode


Enable mouse support in the prompt (Note: prevents selecting text with the mouse)


Display the current vi mode (when using vi editing mode).


4d}/{rel_line:+03d} | ‘ This will display the current line number, with leading space and a width of at least 4 character, as well as the relative line number 0 padded and always with a + or - sign. Note that when using Emacs mode the prompt of the first line may not update.


The format for line numbering, will be passed line (int, 1 based) the current line number and rel_line the relative line number. for example to display both you can use the following template string




Class used to generate Prompt token for prompt_toolkit


Add, disable or modifying shortcuts.

Each entry on the list should be a dictionary with command key identifying the target function executed by the shortcut and at least one of the following:

  • match_keys: list of keys used to match an existing shortcut,

  • match_filter: shortcut filter used to match an existing shortcut,

  • new_keys: list of keys to set,

  • new_filter: a new shortcut filter to set

The filters have to be composed of pre-defined verbs and joined by one of the following conjunctions: & (and), | (or), ~ (not). The pre-defined verbs are:

  • always

  • never

  • has_line_below

  • has_line_above

  • is_cursor_at_the_end_of_line

  • has_selection

  • has_suggestion

  • vi_mode

  • vi_insert_mode

  • emacs_insert_mode

  • emacs_like_insert_mode

  • has_completions

  • insert_mode

  • default_buffer_focused

  • search_buffer_focused

  • ebivim

  • supports_suspend

  • is_windows_os

  • auto_match

  • focused_insert

  • not_inside_unclosed_string

  • readline_like_completions

  • preceded_by_paired_double_quotes

  • preceded_by_paired_single_quotes

  • preceded_by_raw_str_prefix

  • preceded_by_two_double_quotes

  • preceded_by_two_single_quotes

  • followed_by_closing_paren_or_end

  • preceded_by_opening_round_paren

  • preceded_by_opening_bracket

  • preceded_by_opening_brace

  • preceded_by_double_quote

  • preceded_by_single_quote

  • followed_by_closing_round_paren

  • followed_by_closing_bracket

  • followed_by_closing_brace

  • followed_by_double_quote

  • followed_by_single_quote

  • navigable_suggestions

  • cursor_in_leading_ws

  • pass_through

To disable a shortcut set new_keys to an empty list. To add a shortcut add key create with value True.

When modifying/disabling shortcuts, match_keys/match_filter can be omitted if the provided specification uniquely identifies a shortcut to be modified/disabled. When modifying a shortcut new_filter or new_keys can be omitted which will result in reuse of the existing filter/keys.

Only shortcuts defined in IPython (and not default prompt-toolkit shortcuts) can be modified or disabled. The full list of shortcuts, command identifiers and filters is available under IPython shortcuts.


Use raw_input for the REPL, without completion and prompt colors.

Useful when controlling IPython as a subprocess, and piping STDIN/OUT/ERR. Known usage are: IPython’s own testing machinery, and emacs’ inferior-python subprocess (assuming you have set python-shell-interpreter to “ipython”) available through the built-in M-x run-python and third party packages such as elpy.

This mode default to True if the IPY_TEST_SIMPLE_PROMPT environment variable is set, or the current terminal is not a tty. Thus the Default value reported in –help-all, or config will often be incorrectly reported.


Number of line at the bottom of the screen to reserve for the tab completion menu, search history, …etc, the height of these menus will at most this value. Increase it is you prefer long and skinny menus, decrease for short and wide.


Switch prompts to classic for %doctest_mode


Call the given cmd in a subprocess using os.system on Windows or using the system shell on other platforms.


cmd (str) – Command to execute.


Automatically set the terminal title




Customize the terminal title format. This is a python format string. Available substitutions are


The time in milliseconds that is waited for a mapped key sequence to complete.


Use 24bit colors instead of 256 colors in prompt highlighting. If your terminal supports true color, the following command should print TRUECOLOR in orange:

printf "\x1b[38;2;255;100;0mTRUECOLOR\x1b[0m\n"

The time in milliseconds that is waited for a key code to complete.

3 Functions


We do not need to protect against error, this is taken care at a higher level where any reformat error is ignored. Indeed we may call reformatting on incomplete code.