This documentation covers a development version of IPython. The development version may differ significantly from the latest stable release.


This documentation covers IPython versions 6.0 and higher. Beginning with version 6.0, IPython stopped supporting compatibility with Python versions lower than 3.3 including all versions of Python 2.7.

If you are looking for an IPython version compatible with Python 2.7, please use the IPython 5.x LTS release and refer to its documentation (LTS is the long term support release).

8.x Series

IPython 8.4.0

As for 7.34, this version contains a single fix: fix uncaught BdbQuit exceptions on ipdb exit PR #13668, and a single typo fix in documentation: PR #13682

Thanks to the D. E. Shaw group for sponsoring work on IPython and related libraries.

IPython 8.3.0

  • PR #13625, using ?, ??, *? will not call set_next_input as most frontend allow proper multiline editing and it was causing issues for many users of multi-cell frontends. This has been backported to 7.33

  • PR #13600, pre_run_*-hooks will now have a cell_id attribute on the info object when frontend provide it. This has been backported to 7.33

  • PR #13624, fixed End key being broken after accepting an auto-suggestion.

  • PR #13657 fix issue where history from different sessions would be mixed.

IPython 8.2.0

IPython 8.2 mostly bring bugfixes to IPython.

  • Auto-suggestion can now be elected with the end key. PR #13566

  • Some traceback issues with assert etb is not None have been fixed. PR #13588

  • History is now pulled from the sqitel database and not from in-memory. In particular when using the %paste magic, the content of the pasted text will be part of the history and not the verbatim text %paste anymore. PR #13592

  • Fix Ctrl-\\ exit cleanup PR #13603

  • Fixes to ultratb ipdb support when used outside of IPython. PR #13498

I am still trying to fix and investigate #13598, which seem to be random, and would appreciate help if you find reproducible minimal case. I’ve tried to make various changes to the codebase to mitigate it, but a proper fix will be difficult without understanding the cause.

All the issues on pull-requests for this release can be found in the 8.2 milestone. . And some documentation only PR can be found as part of the 7.33 milestone (currently not released).

Thanks to the D. E. Shaw group for sponsoring work on IPython and related libraries.

IPython 8.1.1

Fix an issue with virtualenv and Python 3.8 introduced in 8.1

Revert PR #13537 (fix an issue with symlinks in virtualenv) that raises an error in Python 3.8, and fixed in a different way in PR #13559.

IPython 8.1.0

IPython 8.1 is the first minor release after 8.0 and fixes a number of bugs and Update a few behavior that were problematic with the 8.0 as with many new major release.

Note that beyond the changes listed here, IPython 8.1.0 also contains all the features listed in IPython 7.32.

  • Misc and multiple fixes around quotation auto-closing. It is now disabled by default. Run with TerminalInteractiveShell.auto_match=True to re-enabled

  • Require pygments>=2.4.0 PR #13459, this was implicit in the code, but is now explicit in setup.cfg/setup.py

  • Docs improvement of core.magic_arguments examples. PR #13433

  • Multi-line edit executes too early with await. PR #13424

  • black is back as an optional dependency, and autoformatting disabled by default until some fixes are implemented (black improperly reformat magics). PR #13471 Additionally the ability to use yapf as a code reformatter has been added PR #13528 . You can use TerminalInteractiveShell.autoformatter="black", TerminalInteractiveShell.autoformatter="yapf" to re-enable auto formating with black, or switch to yapf.

  • Fix and issue where display was not defined.

  • Auto suggestions are now configurable. Currently only AutoSuggestFromHistory (default) and None. new provider contribution welcomed. PR #13475

  • multiple packaging/testing improvement to simplify downstream packaging (xfail with reasons, try to not access network…).

  • Update deprecation. InteractiveShell.magic internal method has been deprecated for many years but did not emit a warning until now.

  • internal appended_to_syspath context manager has been deprecated.

  • fix an issue with symlinks in virtualenv PR #13537 (Reverted in 8.1.1)

  • Fix an issue with vim mode, where cursor would not be reset on exit PR #13472

  • ipython directive now remove only known pseudo-decorators PR #13532

  • IPython/lib/security which used to be used for jupyter notebook has been removed.

  • Fix an issue where async with would execute on new lines. PR #13436

We want to remind users that IPython is part of the Jupyter organisations, and thus governed by a Code of Conduct. Some of the behavior we have seen on GitHub is not acceptable. Abuse and non-respectful comments on discussion will not be tolerated.

Many thanks to all the contributors to this release, many of the above fixed issue and new features where done by first time contributors, showing there is still plenty of easy contribution possible in IPython . You can find all individual contributions to this milestone on github.

Thanks as well to the D. E. Shaw group for sponsoring work on IPython and related libraries. In particular the Lazy autoloading of magics that you will find described in the 7.32 release notes.

IPython 8.0.1 (CVE-2022-21699)

IPython 8.0.1, 7.31.1 and 5.11 are security releases that change some default values in order to prevent potential Execution with Unnecessary Privileges.

Almost all version of IPython looks for configuration and profiles in current working directory. Since IPython was developed before pip and environments existed it was used a convenient way to load code/packages in a project dependant way.

In 2022, it is not necessary anymore, and can lead to confusing behavior where for example cloning a repository and starting IPython or loading a notebook from any Jupyter-Compatible interface that has ipython set as a kernel can lead to code execution.

I did not find any standard way for packaged to advertise CVEs they fix, I’m thus trying to add a __patched_cves__ attribute to the IPython module that list the CVEs that should have been fixed. This attribute is informational only as if a executable has a flaw, this value can always be changed by an attacker.

In [1]: import IPython

In [2]: IPython.__patched_cves__
Out[2]: {'CVE-2022-21699'}

In [3]: 'CVE-2022-21699' in IPython.__patched_cves__
Out[3]: True

Thus starting with this version:

  • The current working directory is not searched anymore for profiles or configurations files.

  • Added a __patched_cves__ attribute (set of strings) to IPython module that contain the list of fixed CVE. This is informational only.

Further details can be read on the GitHub Advisory

IPython 8.0

IPython 8.0 is bringing a large number of new features and improvements to both the user of the terminal and of the kernel via Jupyter. The removal of compatibility with older version of Python is also the opportunity to do a couple of performance improvements in particular with respect to startup time. The 8.x branch started diverging from its predecessor around IPython 7.12 (January 2020).

This release contains 250+ pull requests, in addition to many of the features and backports that have made it to the 7.x branch. Please see the 8.0 milestone for the full list of pull requests.

Please feel free to send pull requests to updates those notes after release, I have likely forgotten a few things reviewing 250+ PRs.

Dependencies changes/downstream packaging

Most of our building steps have been changed to be (mostly) declarative and follow PEP 517. We are trying to completely remove setup.py (PR #13238) and are looking for help to do so.

  • minimum supported traitlets version is now 5+

  • we now require stack_data

  • minimal Python is now 3.8

  • nose is not a testing requirement anymore

  • pytest replaces nose.

  • iptest/iptest3 cli entrypoints do not exists anymore.

  • minimum officially support numpy version has been bumped, but this should not have much effect on packaging.

Deprecation and removal

We removed almost all features, arguments, functions, and modules that were marked as deprecated between IPython 1.0 and 5.0. As a reminder, 5.0 was released in 2016, and 1.0 in 2013. Last release of the 5 branch was 5.10.0, in May 2020. The few remaining deprecated features we left have better deprecation warnings or have been turned into explicit errors for better error messages.

I will use this occasion to add the following requests to anyone emitting a deprecation warning:

  • Please add at least stacklevel=2 so that the warning is emitted into the caller context, and not the callee one.

  • Please add since which version something is deprecated.

As a side note, it is much easier to conditionally compare version numbers rather than using try/except when functionality changes with a version.

I won’t list all the removed features here, but modules like IPython.kernel, which was just a shim module around ipykernel for the past 8 years, have been removed, and so many other similar things that pre-date the name Jupyter itself.

We no longer need to add IPython.extensions to the PYTHONPATH because that is being handled by load_extension.

We are also removing Cythonmagic, sympyprinting and rmagic as they are now in other packages and no longer need to be inside IPython.


The majority of our docstrings have now been reformatted and automatically fixed by the experimental Vélin project to conform to numpydoc.

Type annotations

While IPython itself is highly dynamic and can’t be completely typed, many of the functions now have type annotations, and part of the codebase is now checked by mypy.

Preparing for Python 3.10

To prepare for Python 3.10, we have started working on removing reliance and any dependency that is not compatible with Python 3.10. This includes migrating our test suite to pytest and starting to remove nose. This also means that the iptest command is now gone and all testing is via pytest.

This was in large part thanks to the NumFOCUS Small Developer grant, which enabled us to allocate $4000 to hire Nikita Kniazev (@Kojoley), who did a fantastic job at updating our code base, migrating to pytest, pushing our coverage, and fixing a large number of bugs. I highly recommend contacting them if you need help with C++ and Python projects.

You can find all relevant issues and PRs with the SDG 2021 tag

Removing support for older Python versions

We are removing support for Python up through 3.7, allowing internal code to use the more efficient pathlib and to make better use of type annotations.

"Meme image of Toy Story with Woody and Buzz, with the text 'pathlib, pathlib everywhere'"

We had about 34 PRs only to update some logic to update some functions from managing strings to using Pathlib.

The completer has also seen significant updates and now makes use of newer Jedi APIs, offering faster and more reliable tab completion.

Misc Statistics

Here are some numbers:

7.x: 296 files, 12561 blank lines, 20282 comments, 35142 line of code.
8.0: 252 files, 12053 blank lines, 19232 comments, 34505 line of code.

$ git diff --stat 7.x...master  | tail -1
340 files changed, 13399 insertions(+), 12421 deletions(-)

We have commits from 162 authors, who contributed 1916 commits in 23 month, excluding merges (to not bias toward maintainers pushing buttons).:

$ git shortlog  -s --no-merges  7.x...master | sort -nr
535  Matthias Bussonnier
 86  Nikita Kniazev
 69  Blazej Michalik
 49  Samuel Gaist
 27  Itamar Turner-Trauring
 18  Spas Kalaydzhisyki
 17  Thomas Kluyver
 17  Quentin Peter
 17  James Morris
 17  Artur Svistunov
 15  Bart Skowron
 14  Alex Hall
 13  rushabh-v
 13  Terry Davis
 13  Benjamin Ragan-Kelley
  8  martinRenou
  8  farisachugthai
  7  dswij
  7  Gal B
  7  Corentin Cadiou
  6  yuji96
  6  Martin Skarzynski
  6  Justin Palmer
  6  Daniel Goldfarb
  6  Ben Greiner
  5  Sammy Al Hashemi
  5  Paul Ivanov
  5  Inception95
  5  Eyenpi
  5  Douglas Blank
  5  Coco Mishra
  5  Bibo Hao
  5  André A. Gomes
  5  Ahmed Fasih
  4  takuya fujiwara
  4  palewire
  4  Thomas A Caswell
  4  Talley Lambert
  4  Scott Sanderson
  4  Ram Rachum
  4  Nick Muoh
  4  Nathan Goldbaum
  4  Mithil Poojary
  4  Michael T
  4  Jakub Klus
  4  Ian Castleden
  4  Eli Rykoff
  4  Ashwin Vishnu
  3  谭九鼎
  3  sleeping
  3  Sylvain Corlay
  3  Peter Corke
  3  Paul Bissex
  3  Matthew Feickert
  3  Fernando Perez
  3  Eric Wieser
  3  Daniel Mietchen
  3  Aditya Sathe
  3  007vedant
  2  rchiodo
  2  nicolaslazo
  2  luttik
  2  gorogoroumaru
  2  foobarbyte
  2  bar-hen
  2  Theo Ouzhinski
  2  Strawkage
  2  Samreen Zarroug
  2  Pete Blois
  2  Meysam Azad
  2  Matthieu Ancellin
  2  Mark Schmitz
  2  Maor Kleinberger
  2  MRCWirtz
  2  Lumir Balhar
  2  Julien Rabinow
  2  Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez
  2  Joyce Er
  2  Jakub
  2  Faris A Chugthai
  2  Ethan Madden
  2  Dimitri Papadopoulos
  2  Diego Fernandez
  2  Daniel Shimon
  2  Coco Bennett
  2  Carlos Cordoba
  2  Boyuan Liu
  2  BaoGiang HoangVu
  2  Augusto
  2  Arthur Svistunov
  2  Arthur Moreira
  2  Ali Nabipour
  2  Adam Hackbarth
  1  richard
  1  linar-jether
  1  lbennett
  1  juacrumar
  1  gpotter2
  1  digitalvirtuoso
  1  dalthviz
  1  Yonatan Goldschmidt
  1  Tomasz Kłoczko
  1  Tobias Bengfort
  1  Timur Kushukov
  1  Thomas
  1  Snir Broshi
  1  Shao Yang Hong
  1  Sanjana-03
  1  Romulo Filho
  1  Rodolfo Carvalho
  1  Richard Shadrach
  1  Reilly Tucker Siemens
  1  Rakessh Roshan
  1  Piers Titus van der Torren
  1  PhanatosZou
  1  Pavel Safronov
  1  Paulo S. Costa
  1  Paul McCarthy
  1  NotWearingPants
  1  Naelson Douglas
  1  Michael Tiemann
  1  Matt Wozniski
  1  Markus Wageringel
  1  Marcus Wirtz
  1  Marcio Mazza
  1  Lumír 'Frenzy' Balhar
  1  Lightyagami1
  1  Leon Anavi
  1  LeafyLi
  1  L0uisJ0shua
  1  Kyle Cutler
  1  Krzysztof Cybulski
  1  Kevin Kirsche
  1  KIU Shueng Chuan
  1  Jonathan Slenders
  1  Jay Qi
  1  Jake VanderPlas
  1  Iwan Briquemont
  1  Hussaina Begum Nandyala
  1  Gordon Ball
  1  Gabriel Simonetto
  1  Frank Tobia
  1  Erik
  1  Elliott Sales de Andrade
  1  Daniel Hahler
  1  Dan Green-Leipciger
  1  Dan Green
  1  Damian Yurzola
  1  Coon, Ethan T
  1  Carol Willing
  1  Brian Lee
  1  Brendan Gerrity
  1  Blake Griffin
  1  Bastian Ebeling
  1  Bartosz Telenczuk
  1  Ankitsingh6299
  1  Andrew Port
  1  Andrew J. Hesford
  1  Albert Zhang
  1  Adam Johnson

This does not, of course, represent non-code contributions, for which we are also grateful.

API Changes using Frappuccino

This is an experimental exhaustive API difference using Frappuccino

The following items are new in IPython 8.0

+ IPython.core.async_helpers.get_asyncio_loop()
+ IPython.core.completer.Dict
+ IPython.core.completer.Pattern
+ IPython.core.completer.Sequence
+ IPython.core.completer.__skip_doctest__
+ IPython.core.debugger.Pdb.precmd(self, line)
+ IPython.core.debugger.__skip_doctest__
+ IPython.core.display.__getattr__(name)
+ IPython.core.display.warn
+ IPython.core.display_functions
+ IPython.core.display_functions.DisplayHandle
+ IPython.core.display_functions.DisplayHandle.display(self, obj, **kwargs)
+ IPython.core.display_functions.DisplayHandle.update(self, obj, **kwargs)
+ IPython.core.display_functions.__all__
+ IPython.core.display_functions.__builtins__
+ IPython.core.display_functions.__cached__
+ IPython.core.display_functions.__doc__
+ IPython.core.display_functions.__file__
+ IPython.core.display_functions.__loader__
+ IPython.core.display_functions.__name__
+ IPython.core.display_functions.__package__
+ IPython.core.display_functions.__spec__
+ IPython.core.display_functions.b2a_hex
+ IPython.core.display_functions.clear_output(wait=False)
+ IPython.core.display_functions.display(*objs, include='None', exclude='None', metadata='None', transient='None', display_id='None', raw=False, clear=False, **kwargs)
+ IPython.core.display_functions.publish_display_data(data, metadata='None', source='<deprecated>', *, transient='None', **kwargs)
+ IPython.core.display_functions.update_display(obj, *, display_id, **kwargs)
+ IPython.core.extensions.BUILTINS_EXTS
+ IPython.core.inputtransformer2.has_sunken_brackets(tokens)
+ IPython.core.interactiveshell.Callable
+ IPython.core.interactiveshell.__annotations__
+ IPython.core.ultratb.List
+ IPython.core.ultratb.Tuple
+ IPython.lib.pretty.CallExpression
+ IPython.lib.pretty.CallExpression.factory(name)
+ IPython.lib.pretty.RawStringLiteral
+ IPython.lib.pretty.RawText
+ IPython.terminal.debugger.TerminalPdb.do_interact(self, arg)
+ IPython.terminal.embed.Set

The following items have been removed (or moved to superclass):

- IPython.core.application.BaseIPythonApplication.initialize_subcommand
- IPython.core.completer.Sentinel
- IPython.core.completer.skip_doctest
- IPython.core.debugger.Tracer
- IPython.core.display.DisplayHandle
- IPython.core.display.DisplayHandle.display
- IPython.core.display.DisplayHandle.update
- IPython.core.display.b2a_hex
- IPython.core.display.clear_output
- IPython.core.display.display
- IPython.core.display.publish_display_data
- IPython.core.display.update_display
- IPython.core.excolors.Deprec
- IPython.core.excolors.ExceptionColors
- IPython.core.history.warn
- IPython.core.hooks.late_startup_hook
- IPython.core.hooks.pre_run_code_hook
- IPython.core.hooks.shutdown_hook
- IPython.core.interactiveshell.InteractiveShell.init_deprecation_warnings
- IPython.core.interactiveshell.InteractiveShell.init_readline
- IPython.core.interactiveshell.InteractiveShell.write
- IPython.core.interactiveshell.InteractiveShell.write_err
- IPython.core.interactiveshell.get_default_colors
- IPython.core.interactiveshell.removed_co_newlocals
- IPython.core.magics.execution.ExecutionMagics.profile_missing_notice
- IPython.core.magics.script.PIPE
- IPython.core.prefilter.PrefilterManager.init_transformers
- IPython.core.release.classifiers
- IPython.core.release.description
- IPython.core.release.keywords
- IPython.core.release.long_description
- IPython.core.release.name
- IPython.core.release.platforms
- IPython.core.release.url
- IPython.core.ultratb.VerboseTB.format_records
- IPython.core.ultratb.find_recursion
- IPython.core.ultratb.findsource
- IPython.core.ultratb.fix_frame_records_filenames
- IPython.core.ultratb.inspect_error
- IPython.core.ultratb.is_recursion_error
- IPython.core.ultratb.with_patch_inspect
- IPython.external.__all__
- IPython.external.__builtins__
- IPython.external.__cached__
- IPython.external.__doc__
- IPython.external.__file__
- IPython.external.__loader__
- IPython.external.__name__
- IPython.external.__package__
- IPython.external.__path__
- IPython.external.__spec__
- IPython.kernel.KernelConnectionInfo
- IPython.kernel.__builtins__
- IPython.kernel.__cached__
- IPython.kernel.__warningregistry__
- IPython.kernel.pkg
- IPython.kernel.protocol_version
- IPython.kernel.protocol_version_info
- IPython.kernel.src
- IPython.kernel.version_info
- IPython.kernel.warn
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobBase
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobBase.run
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobBase.traceback
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobExpr
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobExpr.call
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobFunc
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobFunc.call
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobManager
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobManager.flush
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobManager.new
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobManager.remove
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobManager.result
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobManager.status
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.BackgroundJobManager.traceback
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.__builtins__
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.__cached__
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.__doc__
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.__file__
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.__loader__
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.__name__
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.__package__
- IPython.lib.backgroundjobs.__spec__
- IPython.lib.kernel.__builtins__
- IPython.lib.kernel.__cached__
- IPython.lib.kernel.__doc__
- IPython.lib.kernel.__file__
- IPython.lib.kernel.__loader__
- IPython.lib.kernel.__name__
- IPython.lib.kernel.__package__
- IPython.lib.kernel.__spec__
- IPython.lib.kernel.__warningregistry__
- IPython.paths.fs_encoding
- IPython.terminal.debugger.DEFAULT_BUFFER
- IPython.terminal.debugger.cursor_in_leading_ws
- IPython.terminal.debugger.emacs_insert_mode
- IPython.terminal.debugger.has_selection
- IPython.terminal.debugger.vi_insert_mode
- IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.DISPLAY_BANNER_DEPRECATED
- IPython.terminal.ipapp.TerminalIPythonApp.parse_command_line
- IPython.testing.test
- IPython.utils.contexts.NoOpContext
- IPython.utils.io.IOStream
- IPython.utils.io.IOStream.close
- IPython.utils.io.IOStream.write
- IPython.utils.io.IOStream.writelines
- IPython.utils.io.__warningregistry__
- IPython.utils.io.atomic_writing
- IPython.utils.io.stderr
- IPython.utils.io.stdin
- IPython.utils.io.stdout
- IPython.utils.io.unicode_std_stream
- IPython.utils.path.get_ipython_cache_dir
- IPython.utils.path.get_ipython_dir
- IPython.utils.path.get_ipython_module_path
- IPython.utils.path.get_ipython_package_dir
- IPython.utils.path.locate_profile
- IPython.utils.path.unquote_filename
- IPython.utils.py3compat.PY2
- IPython.utils.py3compat.PY3
- IPython.utils.py3compat.buffer_to_bytes
- IPython.utils.py3compat.builtin_mod_name
- IPython.utils.py3compat.cast_bytes
- IPython.utils.py3compat.getcwd
- IPython.utils.py3compat.isidentifier
- IPython.utils.py3compat.u_format

The following signatures differ between 7.x and 8.0:

- IPython.core.completer.IPCompleter.unicode_name_matches(self, text)
+ IPython.core.completer.IPCompleter.unicode_name_matches(text)

- IPython.core.completer.match_dict_keys(keys, prefix, delims)
+ IPython.core.completer.match_dict_keys(keys, prefix, delims, extra_prefix='None')

- IPython.core.interactiveshell.InteractiveShell.object_inspect_mime(self, oname, detail_level=0)
+ IPython.core.interactiveshell.InteractiveShell.object_inspect_mime(self, oname, detail_level=0, omit_sections='()')

- IPython.core.interactiveshell.InteractiveShell.set_hook(self, name, hook, priority=50, str_key='None', re_key='None', _warn_deprecated=True)
+ IPython.core.interactiveshell.InteractiveShell.set_hook(self, name, hook, priority=50, str_key='None', re_key='None')

- IPython.core.oinspect.Inspector.info(self, obj, oname='', formatter='None', info='None', detail_level=0)
+ IPython.core.oinspect.Inspector.info(self, obj, oname='', info='None', detail_level=0)

- IPython.core.oinspect.Inspector.pinfo(self, obj, oname='', formatter='None', info='None', detail_level=0, enable_html_pager=True)
+ IPython.core.oinspect.Inspector.pinfo(self, obj, oname='', formatter='None', info='None', detail_level=0, enable_html_pager=True, omit_sections='()')

- IPython.core.profiledir.ProfileDir.copy_config_file(self, config_file, path='None', overwrite=False)
+ IPython.core.profiledir.ProfileDir.copy_config_file(self, config_file, path, overwrite=False)

- IPython.core.ultratb.VerboseTB.format_record(self, frame, file, lnum, func, lines, index)
+ IPython.core.ultratb.VerboseTB.format_record(self, frame_info)

- IPython.terminal.embed.InteractiveShellEmbed.mainloop(self, local_ns='None', module='None', stack_depth=0, display_banner='None', global_ns='None', compile_flags='None')
+ IPython.terminal.embed.InteractiveShellEmbed.mainloop(self, local_ns='None', module='None', stack_depth=0, compile_flags='None')

- IPython.terminal.embed.embed(**kwargs)
+ IPython.terminal.embed.embed(*, header='', compile_flags='None', **kwargs)

- IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.TerminalInteractiveShell.interact(self, display_banner='<object object at 0xffffff>')
+ IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.TerminalInteractiveShell.interact(self)

- IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.TerminalInteractiveShell.mainloop(self, display_banner='<object object at 0xffffff>')
+ IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.TerminalInteractiveShell.mainloop(self)

- IPython.utils.path.get_py_filename(name, force_win32='None')
+ IPython.utils.path.get_py_filename(name)

The following are new attributes (that might be inherited):

+ IPython.core.completer.IPCompleter.unicode_names
+ IPython.core.debugger.InterruptiblePdb.precmd
+ IPython.core.debugger.Pdb.precmd
+ IPython.core.ultratb.AutoFormattedTB.has_colors
+ IPython.core.ultratb.ColorTB.has_colors
+ IPython.core.ultratb.FormattedTB.has_colors
+ IPython.core.ultratb.ListTB.has_colors
+ IPython.core.ultratb.SyntaxTB.has_colors
+ IPython.core.ultratb.TBTools.has_colors
+ IPython.core.ultratb.VerboseTB.has_colors
+ IPython.terminal.debugger.TerminalPdb.do_interact
+ IPython.terminal.debugger.TerminalPdb.precmd

The following attribute/methods have been removed:

- IPython.core.application.BaseIPythonApplication.deprecated_subcommands
- IPython.core.ultratb.AutoFormattedTB.format_records
- IPython.core.ultratb.ColorTB.format_records
- IPython.core.ultratb.FormattedTB.format_records
- IPython.terminal.embed.InteractiveShellEmbed.init_deprecation_warnings
- IPython.terminal.embed.InteractiveShellEmbed.init_readline
- IPython.terminal.embed.InteractiveShellEmbed.write
- IPython.terminal.embed.InteractiveShellEmbed.write_err
- IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.TerminalInteractiveShell.init_deprecation_warnings
- IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.TerminalInteractiveShell.init_readline
- IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.TerminalInteractiveShell.write
- IPython.terminal.interactiveshell.TerminalInteractiveShell.write_err
- IPython.terminal.ipapp.LocateIPythonApp.deprecated_subcommands
- IPython.terminal.ipapp.LocateIPythonApp.initialize_subcommand
- IPython.terminal.ipapp.TerminalIPythonApp.deprecated_subcommands
- IPython.terminal.ipapp.TerminalIPythonApp.initialize_subcommand