The IPython APIΒΆ

IPython IPython: tools for interactive and parallel computing in Python.
IPython.core.alias System command aliases.
IPython.core.application An application for IPython.
IPython.core.autocall Autocall capabilities for IPython.core.
IPython.core.builtin_trap A context manager for managing things injected into __builtin__.
IPython.core.compilerop Compiler tools with improved interactive support.
IPython.core.completer Word completion for IPython.
IPython.core.completerlib Implementations for various useful completers.
IPython.core.crashhandler sys.excepthook for IPython itself, leaves a detailed report on disk.
IPython.core.debugger Pdb debugger class.
IPython.core.error Global exception classes for IPython.core. Infrastructure for registering and firing callbacks on application events.
IPython.core.excolors Color schemes for exception handling code in IPython.
IPython.core.extensions A class for managing IPython extensions.
IPython.core.formatters Display formatters.
IPython.core.getipython Simple function to call to get the current InteractiveShell instance
IPython.core.history History related magics and functionality
IPython.core.historyapp An application for managing IPython history.
IPython.core.hooks Hooks for IPython.
IPython.core.inputsplitter Input handling and transformation machinery.
IPython.core.inputtransformer Input transformer classes to support IPython special syntax.
IPython.core.interactiveshell Main IPython class.
IPython.core.logger Logger class for IPython’s logging facilities.
IPython.core.macro Support for interactive macros in IPython
IPython.core.magic Magic functions for InteractiveShell.
IPython.core.magic_arguments A decorator-based method of constructing IPython magics with argparse option handling.
IPython.core.oinspect Tools for inspecting Python objects. Paging capabilities for IPython.core
IPython.core.payload Payload system for IPython.
IPython.core.payloadpage A payload based version of page.
IPython.core.prefilter Prefiltering components.
IPython.core.profileapp An application for managing IPython profiles.
IPython.core.profiledir An object for managing IPython profile directories.
IPython.core.prompts Classes for handling input/output prompts.
IPython.core.pylabtools Pylab (matplotlib) support utilities.
IPython.core.shellapp A mixin for Application classes that launch InteractiveShell instances, load extensions, etc.
IPython.core.splitinput Simple utility for splitting user input.
IPython.core.ultratb Verbose and colourful traceback formatting.
IPython.core.usage Usage information for the main IPython applications.
IPython.display Public API for display tools in IPython.
IPython.lib.backgroundjobs Manage background (threaded) jobs conveniently from an interactive shell.
IPython.lib.clipboard Utilities for accessing the platform’s clipboard.
IPython.lib.deepreload Provides a reload() function that acts recursively.
IPython.lib.demo Module for interactive demos using IPython.
IPython.lib.editorhooks ‘editor’ hooks for common editors that work well with ipython
IPython.lib.guisupport Support for creating GUI apps and starting event loops.
IPython.lib.inputhook Inputhook management for GUI event loop integration.
IPython.lib.latextools Tools for handling LaTeX.
IPython.lib.lexers Defines a variety of Pygments lexers for highlighting IPython code.
IPython.lib.pretty Python advanced pretty printer. Password generation for the IPython notebook.
IPython.paths Find files and directories which IPython uses.
IPython.terminal.embed An embedded IPython shell.
IPython.terminal.interactiveshell Subclass of InteractiveShell for terminal based frontends.
IPython.terminal.ipapp The Application object for the command line ipython program.
IPython.testing Testing support (tools to test IPython itself).
IPython.testing.decorators Decorators for labeling test objects.
IPython.testing.globalipapp Global IPython app to support test running.
IPython.testing.ipunittest Experimental code for cleaner support of IPython syntax with unittest.
IPython.testing.skipdoctest Decorators marks that a doctest should be skipped, for both python 2 and 3. Generic testing tools.
IPython.utils.PyColorize Class and program to colorize python source code for ANSI terminals.
IPython.utils.capture IO capturing utilities.
IPython.utils.coloransi Tools for coloring text in ANSI terminals.
IPython.utils.contexts Miscellaneous context managers. Utilities for working with data structures like lists, dicts and tuples.
IPython.utils.decorators Decorators that don’t go anywhere else.
IPython.utils.dir2 A fancy version of Python’s builtin dir() function.
IPython.utils.encoding Utilities for dealing with text encodings
IPython.utils.frame Utilities for working with stack frames.
IPython.utils.generics Generic functions for extending IPython.
IPython.utils.importstring A simple utility to import something by its string name. IO related utilities.
IPython.utils.ipstruct A dict subclass that supports attribute style access.
IPython.utils.module_paths Utility functions for finding modules
IPython.utils.openpy Tools to open .py files as Unicode, using the encoding specified within the file, as per PEP 263.
IPython.utils.path Utilities for path handling.
IPython.utils.process Utilities for working with external processes.
IPython.utils.rlineimpl Imports and provides the ‘correct’ version of readline for the platform.
IPython.utils.sentinel Sentinel class for constants with useful reprs
IPython.utils.shimmodule A shim module for deprecated imports
IPython.utils.strdispatch String dispatch class to match regexps and dispatch commands.
IPython.utils.sysinfo Utilities for getting information about IPython and the system it’s running in.
IPython.utils.syspathcontext Context managers for adding things to sys.path temporarily.
IPython.utils.tempdir TemporaryDirectory class, copied from Python 3.2.
IPython.utils.terminal Utilities for working with terminals.
IPython.utils.text Utilities for working with strings and text.
IPython.utils.timing Utilities for timing code execution.
IPython.utils.tokenutil Token-related utilities Timezone utilities
IPython.utils.ulinecache Wrapper around linecache which decodes files to unicode according to PEP 263.
IPython.utils.version Utilities for version comparison
IPython.utils.warn Utilities for warnings.
IPython.utils.wildcard Support for wildcard pattern matching in object inspection.